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PRODUCTS • High Quality Supplies

Our instrument partner is Nordent Instruments, which offers a lifetime warranty on their products. Nordent offers four distinct Instrument Handle choices:

  • Standard
  • Duralite Round
  • Duralite Round with ColorRings
  • Duralite Hexagonal

Each handle is made using the finest stainless steel to provide a lifetime of trouble free service. Duralite handles are up to 40% lighter than their standard handle couterpart and offer improved ergonimic handling with a wider diameter.

Diagnostic Instruments: These instruments are basic tools used to examine a patient, Instruments such as probes. explorers, mirrors, etc.

Hygiene Instruments: These instruments are used in the cleaning process. They include scalers, curettes, scalettes. etc.

Restorative Instrument: These instruments are used in rebuilding the tooth. These include composite tools, cavity preparation tools, Endodontic tools, etc.

Surgical Instruments: These instruments are used during an operative procedure. These include chisels, hoes, retractors, forceps, scissors, etc.

INSTRUMENT MAINTENANCE: Keep your instruments sharp with hand sharpening stones or with the Nordent InstRenew - the mechanical instrument sharpener.