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Seiler - The Perfect Loupe!

Posted on 3rd May 2016 @ 10:00 PM

Seiler Loupes & LED Lights

For high quality magnification at a reasonable price our Seiler Loupes is a must have! These loupes combine high-quality optics with a sophisticated design and ensure clear visualization of micro- structures. They are also available with lights for improved vision and are sure to enhance any practice that needs the addition of low power magnification.

Why Seiler?

Seiler loupes offer many benefits; the obvious benefit is that they give you the ability to resolve greater detail. This enhanced vision allows you to perform medical and dental procedures more effectively. Consequently surgical loupes are very useful in most medical and dental specialties where they are practically standard equipment.

      Loupe Specs: 

     - Magnifications: 2.5, 3.0, and 3.5. 
     - High Resolution:highest grade glass for excellent clarity.
     - Waterslead: optics are sealed to prevent dust and moisture.
     - Double Hinge Flip up design: for superior optical alignment.
     - Colour: Available in white, silver and black.
     - Great Dept of field: Comfortably extends the natural capability of the human eye.
     - Widefield:Highly corrected optics that allow the entire mouth to be viewed. 
     - Working Distance: Short (340mm or 13.4 inches), Regular (420mm or 16.5 inches),
         Long (500mm or 19.7 inches)

Light it up!

The Ultrabright, LED Headlight with an 8 hour rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Source is the perfect addition to the Seiler Loupes. Adding a light source to your loupes that will make a world of difference.

Led Loupe Specs:                                         

  • Four different light intensity settings
  • 8 hour battery life                               
  •  Lightweight belt clip battery pack


Schedule a Demo

While choosing the appropriate magnification and working distance may seem a simple task, it requires accuracy and taking into account certain factors that will make your experience with the magnifying glasses a comfortable and relaxed one. Therefore feel free to schedule a demo with one of our team support staff members at anytime.See you soon !