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Get Organized with Zirc

Posted on 18th May 2016 @ 3:38 PM




Get Organized with Zirc!

It is very important to keep instruments organized as this not only helps with procedure efficiency but also reduces the risk of injury. Unfortunately, one of the biggest challenges facing most dental practices is how to efficiently and effectively keep their instruments organized.

However, DMS has come up with one strategy to manage and organize your instruments, through Zirc’s line of accessories. These accessories range from Instrument Holders, ID tapes, rings and bur blocks and are guaranteed to increase procedural efficiency and bring success to dental practices of all sizes.


Tub and tray racks are a very effective part to a dental office. They save on counter space and several tubs or trays with covers can fit into one rack. These racks have non-slip feet so they are very stable on any counter or cabinet surface. With a white coated finish, these racks can fit any dental office design.

Instruments Holders

Zirc offers a wide selection of holders for your hand instruments. In particular, Zirc's Cassettes improve efficiency by creating less time in cleaning and locating before a procedure. They also increase safety because there is less risk of injury and increase the longevity of the instruments by keeping them secured.

ID Tapes & Rings

Zirc EZ ID tapes and rings will take your practice from dull and unorganized to friendly and efficient. They are an easy way to identify your dental tools and materials for procedures and practitioners with colour recognition and are the only in the industry to come in an easy-to-use pre-assembled dispensing system.

Bur & Endo Holders

Zirc’s Bur and Endo Holders will organize your instruments for use during the procedure and keep them safe during the sterilization process. These holders are great during procedures to give you quick and easy accessibility to your burs and files.

These budget friendly Zirc Accessories are now available at DMS, So if you’re building or remodelling an old practice,  give us a call and let us help you build a stress-free , fun and organized environment!