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Dental & Medical Supplies is now DMS!

Posted on 16th Feb 2016 @ 7:39 PM


Over the past few years we have interacted and spoken with many of you about what a dental supply company should be: upfront, communicative, knowledgable, flexible, just to name a few. 

We are happy to say that this is what the new DMS will be about. 

What does this mean for you?
- Better inventory options
- Quicker turnaround of items ordered
- Expanded team to help find your SimpleSolution 

The rebranding exercise will take some time and you will gradually see us moving away from the old logo and imagery to the newer, fresher logo. 

This change does not affect any of our contact or account information and we will still continue to operate while we update 


Our website is where you can find information on specials, the company and some of the brands we represent. There is a button on the site which can allow you to access your information such as invoices and estimates. There is a tab which even allows you to log a case to make a report if something goes wrong. It will notify us immediately to contact you and find out how we can fix it quickly.

Register by clicking this link and sign up to gain control of your account. View invoices, balances, estimates and create a report on any. Or you can click on the yellow “myDMS” tab in the top right hand corner on the home page. 

Simple Solutions
More often than we should, we discard an idea for improvement in our office because we fear the cost, implementation time, availability of parts, continuing costs and a host of other factors. It is for this reason we introduced SimpleSolutions

DMS Simple Solutions are small but effective steps that you can make in your practice to improve your efficiency and your bottom line. 

Let us help you to find Simple Solutions for: 

Ergonomics - Your physical health is important to you as well as your practice and patients, so having the right posture supportive tools are necessary. But you don’t need to change every item in office all at once; stages might be best. A Simple Solution in this area could be the change your stool. It’s one item, but it has the greatest impact on your health. 

Infection Control - Using approved chemicals to clean is a necessary task. But a Simple Solution can be to use tools or equipment that help to reduce contamination. Items such as a keyboard that can be thoroughly cleaned. 

Digitization - You may not necessarily need to change ALL the equipment in your practice to be digital. Some items can be 'repurposed', such as your X-ray unit. You probably just need to change the sensor to a digital imaging system. 

Organization - This area can have the greatest impact on your business and can be the lowest in cost. Creating a system that has all your supplies and tools organized by colour gives you greater control over your stock and increases your efficiency significantly.  

DMS would like to thank all our supporters over the years. Keep checking our site for new and exsiting things that DMS will be doing.