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Mr. Thirsty Hygiene Study

Posted on 13th Apr 2016 @ 4:06 PM


Creating extra time with Mr. Thirsty® One-Step


Growing-up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, I would often venture into the mountains with a sleeping bag and a few supplies. One of my favorite memories was hiking along one of the routes used by the Pony Express over 100 years ago where one meter deep ruts were a bygone reminder of the fact, they would deliver mail and later, supplies with wagons over the mountains through mud, rocks, rain, snow and the threat of violent attacks from bandits and the American Indians who called the land their home. When I closed my eyes I could imagine the difficulty they had in the cold rain with wagon wheels stuck in the mire of goo and horses that wheezed steam out their nostrils as they heaved with all their might, muscles rippling against the load and slippery surface. The men in drenched clothes pushing against the wet, muddy wheels unable to find traction and yelling at each other and their horses to push harder; anything to move the wagon faster.

As I get further along in my career, I realize that I am also struggling to move the wagon faster. About a year ago, I was introduced to a product called Mr. Thirsty® One-Step by Zirc Company. What I like about this product is that it provides single use isolation, retraction and suction with no upfront investment, no installation and no maintenance. In 2015 I produced a study that proved that this unique product reduces the time of dental procedures by an average of 35%. Our goal with our most recent investigation was to see if Mr. Thirsty® One-Step would also save time for our hygienists.

Our time and motion study was carried out over three different locations and 10 hygienists measuring the time required to perform routine hygiene procedures without Mr. Thirsty® One-Step versus the time required when using Mr. Thirsty® One-Step. For Prophylaxis procedures (D1110) scheduled for an average 60 minutes, we saw an 11% decrease in the time of the procedure. For Limited scaling procedures (D4342) the hygienist completed their appointments an average of 9 minutes faster (20% reduction in appointment time) when using Mr. Thirsty® One-Step. For Scaling and root planing (D4341), we saw a decrease in procedure time of 19%.

To determine satisfaction levels with Mr. Thirsty® One-Step we used the Net Promoter Score (NPS) assessment tool. The NPS metric was first introduced by Fred Reichheld in his 2003 Harvard Business Review article, "One Number You Need to Grow". The NPS is a measurement of customer loyalty and ranges from -100 to +100.

During prophylaxis appointments, when using Mr. Thirsty® One-Step the NPS went to a perfect +100. Quadrant scaling and root planing went from a negative experience for patients to a near excellent experience at +70. When Mr. Thirsty® One Step was utilized for limited scaling once again, the experience for patients improved to the excellent level.

To put the NPS scores in perspective, if a company were to receive a Net Promoter Score greater than +65, it would be in the top ten of all companies in the United States for customer satisfaction. Improvements in NPS scores witnessed when using Mr. Thirsty® One-Step proved to be significant.

Mr. Thirsty® One-Step offers a new delivery method that increases patient satisfaction and decreases treatment time during dental procedures and I encourage you to give it a try.

Andy Goldsmith, DDS, FIALD, DICOI Dr. Goldsmith practices dentistry in Minneapolis, MN and is the past Chief Dental Officer and Vice President of Vendor

Relations for Smile Source®, he speaks internationally on the topic of practice management and treatment plan acceptance www.andygoldsmith.com