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Join Our Team

3b9bb7-07d142980f304d1b994b960b2c16c31d.pngAre you the ONE?

Defn: Team
Come together to achieve one common goal. 

3b9bb7-9198116273fc4f1e9f368bb2670763ea.jpgOur goal here at DMS is to ensure that all partners are happy, not just happy, but ecstatic! Who is a partner you might ask; well a partner is everyone we come in contact with, our customers, suppliers and you - yes you! It's simple, happy people make other people happy.  

Being a part of TeamDMS requires you to be:
- Accountable
- Responsible
- Curious 

Still interested, view the available positions and submit your application with a short paragraph about why you think you're the best fit for the position. Notice I said SHORT, PARAGRAPH....anything longer than that may result in a TL, DR. If you're not sure what that is - hopefully your curiousity will kick in and you'll figure it out.    


Steve Jobs once said "A small team of A players can run circles around a large team of B and C players." 

Are you the A player we're looking for?  

Please note: ALL candidates will be required to arrange reference calls with former supervisors or managers.