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Every piece of equipment purchased has an estimated life span. Once the equipment is used as intended by the manufacturer   and is maintained on a regular schedule, the designated life span can be achieved or even extended. As such, DMS installs the equipment it sells and provides maintenance services to ensure the item functions efficiently   

At DMS, we not only sell and install equipment; we train you how to use it. We believe that first-class supportive materials and service should augment products, as your productivity will increase if you know all that your equipment can do and how to care for it. After installation, DMS provides product manuals/operating guidelines and conducts training sessions to ensure you are able to utilize the equipment efficiently and effectively, as this will minimize breakages and or damages that will affect productivity.   

DMS represents brands that offer warranties on their products. While we expect the equipment to perform properly, if used and maintained correctly, DMS will honour the warranty if the item has a manufacture’s defect or malfunctions. Also, at DMS we believe in offering post sale value, so our warranty are all guaranteed. We believe the products will function properly, but in the event that an issue occurs, just give us a call.