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Solution Champion

" What does that even mean? No one knows what it means, but its provocative" 

Don't get the reference.....errr, ok, well carry on.  

Have you ever had a problem and didn't know where to go or what to do, but then you ran into that friend of yours who just made it all so clear? Yes, ok great - because here at DMS - the customers are you with the problem and you are that friend - who just happens to know which product or service they should consider. 

Sample tasks include:
Representing the brand in one-to one interactions with the practice (medical/ dental)
Must be able to learn new concepts and products with a view to sharing how these products can and will impact the lives of the customer
Be able to demonstrate items 
Works with a mind to dissolve and resolve issues which may arise
Knowing everything, everyone, everytime
Showing up with a box of chocolates for a customers birthday 

Is this you? Click the "W" to download and complete the Career History Form. Once you're done, email info@dmsltdjm.com with a short description of how you'd be a good fit. 

- Organized
- Efficient
- Creative thinker
- Amazing drive 

PS:This job is commission based